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The company was founded in 1994 in small town Prusanky and initially focused on application intended on the industrial control and automation. A specialists with wide experience with industrial control and automation join step by step the originally small work group and bring to the company next know-how. For the special application, the company contracts also with external collaborators.

The company can boast many successful application in the domain of continuous and discrete level measurement of loose materials and liquids and in the domain of temperature measurement in tanks and silos. At the present time the company offers the turn-key systems, which are quite covered by production and assembling capacity. Thanks to its own production, development and assembly we can flexibly respond to all requirements of the customers and satisfy them in everyway. We can build separately measuring system, but we are also capable to incorporate our products to the existing control and regulating system.

Nowadays the company was moved in the new and bigger space, where extends the production. We have own constructional and development department - mechanical, technology, HW, SW. All of our products are tested and undergo continuoual development. All of our products are guaranteed for 24 months, we provide also after-guarantee service 10 years since finalization of production of a given type. Older types can be on accommodating terms replaced by new type.

The concrete application

  • Level measurement and control of conveyors in brewery store of malt.
  • Level measurement in tank of cement.
  • Level measurement in trap silos of power-station fly-ash.
  • Level and temperature measurement in store of grain.
  • Level and temperature measurement in grain silos.
  • Monitoring of production line usage.
  • Filling lines of PET bottles
  • In addition to standard application for regulation and automatization we make also application from domain of technological control process. Application for beverage industry and also application for food-processing industry create a new area of interest.

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