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LPM meter monitors limit states of level of liquid or bulk material in tanks, silos and bins.

LPM floater
The gauge exploits a floater gauge. Floater is combined with pivot arm and is driven by level of liquid. The arm motion is taken by sensor through a magnetic coupling.

Typical application

Design: Gauge does exist in side-mounting version or bottom-mounting version. The body of gauge is made from stainless tube (diameter 30 mm) and provided by pivot and arm. On the arm is the floater (diameter 115 mm, height 40mm). In the surface of body is G1 screw thread for easy installation into well in the wall of tank. Across from floater is on the body socket provided by head. Standard length of socket is 120 mm. Head is made from polypropylene and provided by one or two connectors IP65.

In manhole provided tank are gauges installed from within. Tank without manhole should be fit with flange diameter 120 mm, at each measuring point. The flange cover should be provided by well wit G1 thread.

Electric connection:

Output signal is dual depending on usage one or two connectors. The one connector version uses (by determined logic) 230V AC or 0 V. The two connectors version uses one connector for supply and second for signal (contact).

  Pin  1 connector   2 connectors
      con. A  con. B
  Untitled  pos.logic = 230V AC, neg. logic = 0V AC   center of clos.contact
  1  230V AC  230V AC  
  2  0V AC  0V ACopen contact
  3  PEN  PENopen contact

Technical parameters

  Power voltage  24V DC, 230V AC ...
  Input  3 W
  Coverage  IP 65
  Max. temperature of liquid  + 130°C
  Max. pressure  1 bar

LPM svorkovnice


Declaration of conformity

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