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SPM is the meter for continuous monitoring of level of liquid stored in tank. Device is also applicable for measuring of boundary-line between two liquids of different consistency. It is offered for range up to 6 m. For higher range we offer meter SILOTER.

Typical application

The free floater slipped on interposer bar is mounted inside the tank. Floater is vertically wafted by rising or dropping level of liquid. Meter reads position of floater contactless by magnetic coupling. Position of floater represents the height of level of liquid in tank.


The interposer bar is a stainless steel tube. Inside the tube are placed dry-reed relays at certain regular distances. Floater, vertically wafted by level of the liquid, switches through the magnetic coupling particular dry-reed relays. The closing of each relay proves the change of the loop resistance. The relation between resistance and height of level is determined. Floater is made from the polypropylene or from the stainless steel. The mass of floater is settled by the measured media consistency.

Electrical connection:

Technical parameters:

    Model provided by
  Head  Connector   Cable
  Power voltage   220V / 50Hz AC  24V / DC   24V / DC
  Coverage   IP 65  IP 65  IP 78
  Inputs   4 - 20mA; RS 485  resistance  resistance
  Sensitivity   max. ± 3 mm   max. ± 3 mm  max. ± 3 mm
  Max. enviroment temperature   + 60° C  + 60°C  + 130° C
  Max. media´s temperature   + 130° C  + 130°C  + 130° C
  Max. pressure   20 bar  20 bar  20 bar
  Max. rozsah   6 000 mm  6 000 mm  6 000 mm


Declaration of conformity

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